More omake photos

some omake photos i haven't share yet XD

 bakuman-1.jpgbakuman.jpg554752_3721672239023_486902069_n.jpg   beatmania-2.jpg ff3.jpg kafra.jpg kyoka kei mai.jpg mayafey-1.jpg novice.jpg re.jpg yukime nube rei kurosawa hado snow white snow-1.jpg xingcai.jpgtekken-1.jpg  yuki kanade 
kafra sisters snow white mini 

photos from 2011-2012, credit goes to my phonecam, andhika maparessa, alfalive, scarletfox,rinsuzume,husky.

and this is my ultimate fave XD



Cosplan ::: 10122011

After re-playing FFXII for the 3rd time, i have crazy plan for my future cosplay in 2012...


Mateus The Corrupt




xoxo kika

Some Silly Photos ::: 09182011

crack.jpg 298057_159172784170909_100002345653475_301253_729720863_n.jpg

some silly photos of me and my friends from cosplay convention i attended xDD i was cosplaying as Mai Shiranui alternate costume,sorry for my silly face. Serious photos are coming soon xDD thanks varda for the photos!

Xing Cai Cosplay Journey :: 星彩 コスプレ



Heya everyone XD This time i'll write down every single detail of my Xing Cai cosplay progress. You see, i'm a new fan of Dynasty Warriors 7,but this game alrady make me madly in love with the characters. I love Shu the most from all of factions! They have touching stories and ends with a sad one ;__; My favorite characters from Shu are: Liu Shan, Xing Cai, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Ma Dai, Jiang Wei. And i have a plan to cosplay as Liu Shan someday XD *anyone who loathe him,please don't hit me if you meet me in certain event*

Okay... about Xing Cai's costume itself... tadaaaaaa...


About the costume itself,i began to hunt the fabric since late April. For Xing Cai's dress,i chose silk satin,but when i try to sew it,i realized silk satin is a wrong choice. It's too soft and i even can't do the painting on it. Then i bought tosca colored cotton,but then again,the fabric is too plain for xing cai although it's pretty easy to sew 8'D andddd finally,when i was going for fabric hunting for the 3rd time,i found rich textured fabric and even it has same color with xing cai! I was sooo happy 8'DD but stupid me,i forgot what's the name of the fabric 8'D


i used acrylic paint for the painting on the dress, silver leather as the replacement for bias tape, half-bust manequinn for the basic of my breastarmor, creativefoam for shoulderpad (and for armpiece and kneepad too), and cat fur for the headdress.


Photo0305.jpg   Photo0302.jpg

And the weapons, basically i used aluminium pole and then cover it with hardboard until it shaped like sword. Then for the details,i used creative foam again. When the sword's done, i painted it in black the sprayed it with light silver.



I was using my own creation for Xing Cai's sword since i couldn't get any decent pictures of her sword. But, a week before the competition, i finally found the details! Still not too clear though, but will do! So this the first:

looks totally crappy XD; then i remake it into this:


As for the shield,i used thin plat of fiber for the basic and attached layers of creative foam to cover the fiber plat. For the details,i used creative foam again,then painted it in black and sprayed it with silver again.

Photo0339.jpg   Photo0347.jpg

Photo0349.jpg   Photo0350.jpg   tadaaaa


Here's some hints XD

photo by Sony hadijaya


photo by Ndreas Sp


next i'll post some photos from cosplay convention ( ennichisai and clas:h)

It's really challenging yet fun to do Xing Cai ^^ i'll back for more DW7 cosplays! I'll do Liu Shan and Sun Shang Xiang for the next. Wish me luck! XD

ps: btw please visit my partner's journal about her Yue Ying cosplay progress here:
Yue Ying Cosplay Progress

Thanks for reading! XD

cosplay progress: 01

My progress for my future cosplay XD I'll wear this in the beginning and the end of July also this gonna be my biggest project for this year, it seems.. The details are too many but it's really fun to work at! The armor progress is now 90%, the cloth is just 20% *sobs* and for the weapon, no progress yet 8'D

Can you guess what character is it? XD lol. I'll keep updating until it's done. Wish me luck!




ム ッフィン kika です :D

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